Press Materials

The Oregon Forest Resources Institute serves as a clearinghouse of information regarding Oregon's forests, forest management and forest-based economy. Below is a list of resources the Institute has published that provide statistics and other information pertinent to media covering forestry, wildfire and other forest-related issues in Oregon, as well as the economic impacts of the forest sector – the part of the state's economy derived from forests.


2019 Forest Report : A comprehensive look at the economic impact of Oregon's forest sector in 2019.

Oregon's Forest Economy : A summary report created to highlight the economic findings of The 2019 Forest Report.

State and County Fact Sheets : This collection of fact sheets offers a snapshot of how the forest products industry impacts each of Oregon's 36 counties.

Oregon Forest Facts : This reference booklet is loaded with charts, graphics and numbers to help Oregonians understand the magnitude and importance of our forest resources.

2017 Wildfire Impacts Report : This 4-page summary details the health and economic impacts of the 2017 Oregon wildfires.

2014 State of Fire Report : A special report examining the state of fire suppression, prevention and management, and various efforts to find the way forward.


For media inquiries, please contact Inka Bajandas, 971-673-2948.

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