Always planting for the future.

Oregon forest landowners plant an estimated 40 million trees every year, to ensure that future generations will have healthy, thriving forests.

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a sapling growing on a cliff in the forest

Reforestation is Oregon law

Reforestation is the key to ensure that future generations enjoy a full range of forest values...
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Illustrated Manual 2024 index card

Oregon's Forest Protection Laws: An Illustrated Manual 2024

Revised Fourth Edition includes Private Forest Accord updates. An illustrated guide to Oregon Forest Practices Act and rules...
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Oregon Forest Facts 2023-24 Edition

This pocket-sized booklet serves as a detailed reference guide to Oregon’s forests and forest-based economy...
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Fire in Oregon’s forests

Wildfires are a natural occurrence in Oregon’s forests, especially in the state’s “dry forests,” where periodic burns...
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Adventure Awaits

An illustrated pocket guide for visitors recreating on private and managed forestlands in Oregon...
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printed materials on a desk

Publication Library is a portal for information relating to the management of Oregon’s forests...
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Always Replanting : 2023-24 Educational Advertising

Oregon forest landowners plant approximately 40 million trees every year.

Planting for the Future: 2023-24 Educational Advertising

By planting trees today, we supply the products needed to build homes and community spaces for future generations.


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