Northern Flying squirrel

(Glaucomys sabrinus)

The Northern Flying Squirrel is found in the Coast Range, Klamath Mountains, Willamette Valley, West Cascades, East Cascades and Blue Mountains.

Light brown or cinnamon fur on their upper body and whitish underneath, this is the smallest tree squirrel in Oregon. A furred flap extends from the ankle to the wrist, which allows it to glide from tree to tree.

Diet and habitat
A major food source for this squirrel is mushroom and fungi of various species, in addition to lichens, insects, seeds, nuts, fruit, sap, and birds and their eggs. It can be found in many forested areas of Oregon, including riparian, mixed conifer, lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine, white oak and mixed conifer-hardwood forest types.

Predators and threats
It is preyed upon by owls, weasels and martens.

It produces a single litter of two to four young each year, typically utilizing a tree cavity for nesting and roosting.


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