Mule Deer

(Odocoileus hemionus)

Mule deer are widespread east of the Cascades (East Cascades, Columbia Plateau, Blue Mountains, Basin and Range).

The mule deer gets its name from its large, distinctive ears. It has an average height of 31 to 42 inches at the shoulders and a nose-to-tail length ranging from 4 to 6.9 feet. Of this, the tail may be 4.5 to 9 inches long and is black-tipped. Adult bucks normally weigh 120 to 330 pounds, with females averaging around 150 pounds.

Diet and habitat
It feeds mostly on forbs and the leaves and twigs of woody shrubs, especially shrubs of young ages following disturbance to vegetation such as fire, storms or logging.

Predators and threats
Mule deer are preyed on by wolves, coyotes and cougars. Black bears may prey on fawns. Threats include habitat degradation, extreme weather, disease, poaching and vehicle collisions.

They breeds in November and produces one or two fawns in mid-June.


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