Mountain Lion

(Puma concolor)

The mountain lion can be found throughout Oregon, but primarily western Oregon. East of the Cascade Range the species is probably limited largely to the Ochoco, Blue and Wallowa mountains.

Approximately 2 feet high at the shoulder and 3.5 to 5.5 feet long, the mountain lion is Oregon’s largest feline, typically weighing about 110 to 180 pounds.

Diet and habitat
It feeds on mammals such as deer in forest stands where prey species are most abundant. Although it is possible to observe cougars in almost any habitat type, they are usually found in remote forested areas and often in dense vegetation, especially in winter.

Predators and threats
Young cubs can be preyed upon by other mountain lions.

They are largely solitary mammals except during mating season, and will usually produce one litter per year, typically three cubs per litter.


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