Hairy Woodpecker

(Picoides villosus)

The hairy woodpecker is widespread throughout Oregon. It is found primarily in mixed-conifer and ponderosa pine forests, as well as adjacent deciduous stands, especially during the breeding season.

Adults are about 9.5 inches, with a 15-inch wingspan. It has a pale gray-brown back and wings with white spots, a relatively large bill, and a black head with two large white bars on each side.

Diet and habitat
It consumes insects and their eggs, other invertebrates, seeds, nuts and fruit. It resides in forests throughout Oregon, with the exception of southeast Oregon.

Predators and threats
The hairy woodpecker is preyed upon by hawks, weasels and martens.

It produces four eggs, incubated by the male and female alternately for about 12 days.


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