Gray Wolf

(Canis lupus)

Blue Mountains. There are three documented packs located in the northeastern portion of the state. 

Although they’re called gray wolves, they can range in color from arctic white to tan and gray to jet-black. Males range in weight from about 45 to 175 pounds. Females weigh slightly less than males.

Diet and habitat
Assuming there is an adequate supply of prey, gray wolves can flourish in any environment. Currently known packs utilize forested and open areas, but it is unknown at this time where wolves will persist in Oregon.

Predators and threats
Wolves in packs have no natural predators. Wolves were originally exterminated from Oregon, but have recently begun dispersing back to Oregon from Idaho.

The breeding season is latitude-dependent and is generally between January and April. Breeding pairs annually produce a litter of about six pups.


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