Fender's Blue Butterfly

(Icaricia icarioides fenderi)

Fender's blue butterfly can be found in Oregon’s native grasslands and upland prairies. The Willamette Valley, Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge and Willow Creek Main Preserve are home to the largest remaining populations.

They are a relatively small butterfly with a wingspan of approximately 1 inch. The wings of the males are brilliant blue with a black margin and a white fringe of scales. The wings of the females are brown with a white fringe.

Diet and habitat
Native wildflowers, including wild onion, flax and pink checkermallow, are the main source of nectar for adults.

Predators and threats
They are preyed upon by songbirds, lizards and frogs. Populations are threatened with habitat loss from human development, livestock and agricultural uses, tree planting and invasive weeds.

It lays eggs that hatch and remain active as larvae from May through June. In fall and winter larvae hibernate, and by the following May they emerge as mature adult butterflies.


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