Deer Mouse

(Peromyscus maniculatus)

The deer mouse has one of the broadest distribution of any species, and occurs throughout Oregon. 

This species has white feet, usually white undersides, and brownish upper surfaces. Their tails are relatively long, sometimes as long as the head and body, producing an overall length of up to 7 inches.

Diet and habitat  
Deer mice are omnivorous, feeding on seeds, fruits, arthropods, leaves and fungi. It occupies nearly every type of habitat within its range, from forests to grasslands. Below the tree line, it occurs as part of essentially all communities.

Predators and threats
Deer mice serve as a main food item for all predators that eat mice, including snakes, coyotes, hawks and owls.

Deer mouse breeding tends to be determined more by food availability than by season. It breeds throughout the year. Typical litters are composed of three to five young. Most female deer mice have more than one litter per year. The young may begin breeding at two months of age.


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