Oregon Forest Facts updated for 2023-24

PORTLAND, Ore. – The newest edition of Oregon Forest Facts, a pocket-size booklet packed with the latest statistics and information about Oregon’s forests and the state’s timber and forest products industries, is now available for download and order

The Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) publishes a new edition of Oregon Forest Facts biennially. The publication serves as a detailed reference guide to Oregon’s forests and forest-based industries, including information, maps, graphs and statistics about forestland ownership, timber harvest, forest-related employment and wood products production. The 2023-24 edition also includes new information about the economic impacts of the 2020 Labor Day Fires and updates to Oregon’s forest practice regulations resulting from the Private Forest Accord agreement between the timber industry and conservation groups. 

“This newly updated Oregon Forest Facts continues OFRI’s tradition of providing the latest statistics and information about the forests that cover nearly half our state, and a forest sector that continues to lead the country in softwood lumber and plywood production, all while employing more than 61,000 Oregonians and managing forests for sustainable timber harvests that help preserve our forest land base,” says OFRI Director of Forestry Julie Woodward.

Data from the Oregon Forest Facts 2023-24 Edition can be accessed online at OregonForestFacts.org. The site includes the option to easily share charts and graphs containing information about Oregon’s forests, via email or social media. Individual maps, charts and graphics from the publication can also be downloaded from the Oregon Forest Facts image gallery on OFRI’s OregonForests.org website. 

About the Oregon Forest Resources Institute:
The Oregon Legislature created the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) in 1991 to support and enhance Oregon’s forest products industry by advancing public understanding of forests, forest management and forest products, and encouraging sustainable forestry through landowner education. OFRI is governed by a board of directors made up of 11 voting members appointed by the state forester, plus two non-voting members. It is funded by a portion of the forest products harvest tax.


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