New pamphlet outlines bird species protections

PORTLAND, Ore. – A new pamphlet produced by OFRI’s Wildlife in Managed Forests program helps forest landowners, managers and other natural resource professionals understand the varied habitat protections for forest-reliant bird species required under the Oregon Forest Practices Act. 

Oregon’s privately managed forests provide valuable habitat for wildlife no matter the age of the trees. Some wildlife, including sensitive, threatened and endangered species, have special protections under the Oregon Forest Practices Act and/or the state and federal Endangered Species Acts. OFRI’s new Wildlife in Managed Forests: Forest Practices Act Reference Series outlines these protections for a variety of bird species of interest, such as the bald eagle, great blue heron, marbled murrelet and northern spotted owl. This includes specific requirements for each of the nine species featured in the pamphlet, and a chart that outlines their critical nesting periods, when extra protections are required under the Forest Practices Act. 

OFRI’s Wildlife in Managed Forests series includes publications focused on habitat and different kinds of forest wildlife such as deer and elk, beaver, songbirds, amphibians and fish. The educational booklets, pamphlets and fact sheets inform forest landowners, managers and others about managing for wildlife living in Oregon’s forests.

Print and electronic versions of the Forest Practices Act Reference Series are available to order or download for free through OFRI’s website,, on the publications page

About the Oregon Forest Resources Institute:
The Oregon Legislature created the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) in 1991 to support and enhance Oregon’s forest products industry by advancing public understanding of forests, forest management and forest products, and encouraging sustainable forestry through landowner education. OFRI is governed by a board of directors made up of 11 voting members appointed by the state forester, plus two non-voting members. It is funded by a portion of the forest products harvest tax.


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