White Alder

Can't get enough sun and water
The white alder is similar to the red alder, but is not commonly managed for timber production. The Plateau Indians used it instead for female health issues. Like other alders, it is a great fixer of atmospheric nitrogen.

White alder isfound at wet sites along rivers and streams near the valley floor. It is an important riparian tree and prefers sites with moving water.

White alder is a medium, broadleaf tree up to 120 feet tall. It is a short-lived species that is intolerant of shade and drought.

The white alder is very competitive and its shade is dense; consequently there is often has a very limited understory consisting mostly of willows, wild rose, blackberry and poison oak.

The white alder prefers temperate conditions and moist soil.

White alder will grow easily in full sun or partial shade in any moist soil. Perhaps the perfect Oregon tree, it is extremely moisture-tolerant; in fact, there have been cases of white alder growing in creek beds with the water flowing around it.


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