Bigleaf Maple

(Acer macrophyllum)

Big and beautiful
The bigleaf maple has the largest leaves of all the maples, hence the name. The wood of the maple is used for furniture, cabinets and flooring, among other products. The sap of the bigleaf maple can be used for maple syrup production, though not commercially. It produces a unique yet equally delicious condiment.

It is widely distributed throughout western Oregon and is capable of growing on a wide variety of sites and soils, and regenerating in the shade of other species. Bigleaf maple can form pure stands but are usually found in riparian hardwood forests or mixed with evergreens or oaks.

The bigleaf maple is a medium to large, shade-tolerant broadleaf tree up to 120 feet tall.

The bigleaf maple can grow in a wide range of temperatures and moisture, from moist and cool coastal regions to areas with dry, warm seasons.

Many animals take advantage of living in or near the maple for its highly palatable leaves, good seed production and nesting possibilities. Other delicious plants are found nearby, including salmonberries and swordfern.

Under intensive management, rotations of 50 years or less can be used. Bigleaf maple is a vigorous stump sprouter, and often forms multiple stem sprout clumps after a tree is cut. The clumps need to be thinned to the one good stem if maple sawlogs are the goal.


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