Who you gonna call?


With the turn of the New Year, there are some new resources to help family forest landowners discover who to call. Educating Oregon’s 60,000 family forest landowners how to manage their forests – to meet or exceed state laws – is the mission of the Partnership for Forestry Education.

Toward this end the Partnership has recently released the Family Forest Landowners Resource Guide. The guide lists the organizations available to help landowners, and the services they provide. Included are landowner organizations such as the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and the Oregon Tree Farm System, educational organizations such as the OSU Forestry and Natural Resource Extension Program, state agencies such as the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, and federal agencies such as the US Forest Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Landowner resources listed include technical, financial and educational assistance. Download a copy today.

Another new resource is the Partnership’s Web page: KnowYourForest.org. KYF provides a home on the Internet for the Family Forest Landowners Resource Guide and includes an interactive Assistance Map that lists locally based landowner resources for each county in Oregon. KnowYourForest.org includes a calendar of educational events and an archive of recent conferences.

KYF’s Learning Library provides an array of educational materials on topics important to woodland owners. Publications, videos, presentations and resource links are provided on topics such as Getting Started, Tree Identification, Planting, Thinning, Fire, Wildlife, Forest Health, Logging and Marketing Timber, Non-timber Forest Products, Forest Protection Laws, Forest Management Planning, Weeds and Invasive Species, and Forest Certification.

So, if your New Year’s resolution is to learn more about managing your woodland, you now know who to call.

May the forest be with you.

Mike Cloughesy
Director of Forestry


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