From the “Silicon Forest” to Oregon’s forests


OFRI Executive Director Erin Isselmann, center, joins OFRI board chairman Quincy Powers, left, and Giustina Resources' Pete Sikora, right, on a forest tour near Eugene. 

My first month as the new executive director of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute has been a whirlwind of meetings, introductions and getting up to speed on Oregon’s forest sector. There has been a lot to learn. It is a completely new world to me.

I come to OFRI with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, primarily in the high-tech industry. I began my career in Oregon at a company called Tektronix, which many consider the founder of the Portland metro area’s “Silicon Forest” of tech companies. At that time, my focus was on a little-known, Oregon-developed printing technology called solid ink. Our mission was to raise awareness about this new color printing technology and speed up the transition from black-and-white to color printing. We did such a great job that in January 2000, the color printing division of Tektronix was acquired by Xerox Corporation, and I started working for them.

Xerox provided me with great opportunities to grow my skills and experience in areas such as global public relations, corporate website marketing and forming the company’s first social marketing practice.  Now I have the opportunity to use my expertise at OFRI to guide the public education and awareness effort for one of Oregon’s most valuable resources and treasures: our forests.  

In my short time as OFRI’s executive director, I have met some wonderful people who care deeply about forestry in Oregon. They include landowners, foresters, loggers and mill workers. Each and every person I have met has a deep personal connection and commitment to the stewardship of Oregon’s forests, and the protection of wildlife and clean water. That dedication and alignment to sustainable forest practices, across the sector, sets this industry apart. I’m looking forward to helping share that story in Oregon and beyond.

Erin Isselmann

Executive Director  


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