Seen any good YouTubes lately?


A couple years ago, OFRI decided to make a concerted effort to create more video content for our newly refreshed website, The trend was indicating that video, not long-form content, was gaining traction as the preferred way for people to learn online.

Skip to the present: YouTube is currently the second-leading search engine on the Internet, behind only Google. The audience may skew younger, but that is increasingly leveling out. And although YouTube was once known for unique viral videos, it’s now being thought of as a destination for unique purpose-built content. Think more issue-based video reports, and less Kung-Fu Baby.

OFRI now has 66 videos available on OFRI’sYouTube channel, including our recent television advertising, our newest video special report, The Oregon Way, and even our brand-new forest sector career vignettes. Two-thirds of those have been added in the last two years, with more on the way.

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Manager of Public Outreach


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