New website features data on Oregon's forests


The Oregon Forest Resources Institute produces many educational reports and publications. Our most popular has probably been Oregon Forest Facts, the little book that’s big on facts, charts and stats, but small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag.

While updating the 2017-18 edition of Oregon Forest Facts, we thought perhaps the information could stand by itself as a small website, for those looking to learn about and share the most current data on Oregon’s forest sector. So we made one:

We’ve used the data, charts and graphs from Oregon Forest Facts to make the handy new website. It’s divided into six sections that correspond to the information in the new publication: forestland ownership, harvest and production, sustainability, watershed protection, fire, and employment. has a responsive content design, which means it works just as well on your smartphone or tablet as it does on your computer browser. We’ve also included social media sharing functions on each of the charts, tables, maps and graphs so that if you see something you would like to send to a colleague, or share to your network on Facebook or Twitter, you can do it with a single click.

So check out the new site and share it with anyone who might have an interest in the latest information about Oregon’s forest sector.

Jordan Benner
Senior Public Outreach Manager 


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