It's Tree School time


Spring break has traditionally been the time for Oregon forest landowners to attend Tree School. Sponsored by the Oregon State University Extension Service, Tree Schools provide an opportunity for small woodland owners, Christmas tree growers and other rural residents to take classes on a variety of natural resources-related subjects.

This year OFRI is teaching classes and having an OFRI display at Tree Schools in Oregon City and Roseburg. The Oregon City Tree School is scheduled for March 25 at Clackamas Community College. About 700 landowners attend this every year, partaking in 60 different classes that include hands-on courses covering topics such operating chainsaws. More information can be found here. On March 31, Tree School – Umpqua will take place at Phoenix Charter School in Roseburg. More than 200 landowners attend this Tree School and partake in 28 different classes. An online course catalog is available here.

At both these Tree Schools, OFRI Public Outreach Manager Inka Bajandas and I will be teaching a class called "Talking Forestry.” Drawing from our experience in public outreach, journalism and educating audiences with minimal forestry knowledge, we’ll offer strategies for talking to family, friends, neighbors, media and the public about forest management, in easy-to-understand terms. We’ll use the latest OFRI public survey data, the new Oregon Forest Facts 2017-18 Edition booklet, mock interviews and social media tips to help you share your stories.

At Tree School – Umpqua, I’ll also teach a class on writing forest management plans. These important documents are required for Oregon Tree Farm System participation, help qualify forest landowners for cost-share funding, and form the foundation for sustainable forest management. A plan is an invaluable communication tool and can help forest landowners focus their work and see whether they are accomplishing their goals. Writing a plan that suits your needs takes a little time, but you gain a wonderful communication tool and a deeper understanding of your property. This class will help participants understand the components of a management plan, identify available resources and get them started on articulating their goals and objectives.

I’m looking forward to teaching at Tree School and hope you’ll consider taking one of our classes.

For the forest,

Mike Cloughesy

Director of Forestry


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