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Hello! My name is Trey Pokorney. I’m the Oregon Forest Resources Institute’s new social media intern. I help with managing and creating content for our accounts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.

I grew up in rural Minnesota, in a small town of 2,500 people. With not too many diversions, I spent most of my childhood playing in forests, snowbanks and rivers. I helped my family on the farm, and it taught me the importance of hard work and how we’re interconnected with our environment. There was one thing I felt especially connected to: trees. I would go on walks and identify every type of tree I found along the way. Trees are like living monuments; there’s something so spectacular about them.

In high school I volunteered as a camp counselor with the University of Minnesota 4-H Extension. I loved camp counseling, because it gave me opportunities to pass along my appreciation for connecting to nature to the campers. I also taught outdoor programs focusing on wildlife, outdoor skills and exploration. These life experiences shaped my personality and the work I want to do. 

I’m currently a college junior, majoring in business administration and marketing, and minoring in multimedia, at the University of Oregon. (Go Ducks!)

Since moving to Eugene for college, I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Oregon. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascades, Eugene and the surrounding Willamette Valley have amazing natural beauty and a diverse array of forests. Exploring is one of my favorite activities in Oregon. My favorite area I’ve explored is the Cascades. Between the steep snowcapped mountains and the towering Douglas-firs, there’s truly no other place like it! I believe there are always new places, people and activities to discover.

Besides spending time in nature, I’ve always loved creating visual and video content. When I was a kid, I would create movies and slideshows on Windows Movie Maker, about the most random things, and make my family watch them. Then when COVID hit, I created TikToks, Instagram posts and YouTube videos documenting my stuck-at-home hobbies. During my freshmen year at U of O, I joined an improv team called Absolute Improv. Eventually I took an opportunity to manage the club’s social media. I create promotional content advertising the shows, rehearsals and other activities for our comedic club. This gave me the groundwork for social media management and how to market an organization.

My goal after graduation is to work in social media management and marketing for a nature- or outdoor-focused organization. I’d love to work for a state travel agency, or become a travel influencer myself.

I’m looking forward to merging my love of nature with my skills and passion for content creation. I’m beyond excited to be a part of the team here at OFRI.

Please email me with any ideas you have for social media content you’d like us to share, at [email protected]

Thank you!

Trey Pokorney

Social Media & Outreach Intern



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Phone: 971-673-2944        
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