Forester Friday: Anna Yarbrough


Forester Friday features an Oregon forester with an interesting or unique connection to the forestry field. This series is meant to highlight and recognize these stories.

With so many options of fields to work in, what drives someone to work in forestry? For Anna Yarbrough, a love for the outdoors drove her to work in forestry.

Yarbrough is a consultant and the owner of Free Range Forestry LLC. Yarbrough works with landowners of all sizes of forests. “I provide consulting services for all aspects of forestry projects (harvesting, planting, spraying, legal compliance and tree farm certifications). I also provide natural resource social media consulting/managing services.”

Yarbrough has worked in the forest industry for six years as a forester for two large timber companies. She opened her own forestry consulting business in March of this year, and had held several positions in the private timber industry before opening up her own business. In addition to her work experience, Yarbrough earned a degree in Forest Management from Oregon State University.

Anna on one knee tying her shoe.

For this profile, Yarbrough answered a series of questions through email about her forestry story. Here are some of her responses:

What is your favorite part about your job? My favorite part about being a forester is knowing that our management activities improve forest health, protect water resources, provide valuable wildlife habitat, bring jobs to rural communities and produce sustainable forest products! And the gorgeous office that comes along with the job!

What drove you or why did you decide to work in forestry? I grew up playing in the woods and always knew I wanted a job that allowed me to work outdoors. The more I learned about the forest industry, the more I fell in love with it.

What is something you want people to know about your job, and/or the impact of your job? I wish that I could convey to the general public that those of us that work in the forest sector are in it for the long haul and that we primarily see ourselves as stewards of the land. We care deeply about the forests we work and we want them to be here for this generation and our kids and grandkids.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Oregon? Our family is constantly outside! If we aren’t working in the woods, we’re likely “playing” in the woods. Our favorite outdoor activity is hunting and our favorite place to do it is anywhere we can hike in and get away from roads and people!

Yarbrough is just one of many foresters in Oregon who work to keep our forests healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy.

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