Forest Sector Career Anyone?


If you ask people to name jobs in the forest sector, most would answer “logger.” And if you pressed them further, they might add “park ranger.” In an attempt to debunk the myth that there are only a couple of career options in forestry – and as part of our career outreach effort – in 2013 OFRI published “Find Your Path.” This 24-page booklet is written for high school students, and it profiles 19 people who work in forest-related jobs in Oregon, from a firefighter in Merlin to a forest economist in Portland. It describes what these workers do, how they got where they are and what skills they need to do their jobs well. Download it for free here.

Wanting to capture the attention of students searching for career information on YouTube, we also added a series of videos that highlight 11 forest-sector careers: electrician, field forester, forest engineer, forest operator (logger), hydrologist, mill worker, nursery supervisor, procurement forester, recreational forester, wildland fire crew boss and wildlife biologist. You can check out these two-minute videos here

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