A Teacher's Sampler Packet: Grades 6-12

The teacher sampler packet is a great way to receive an overview of OFRI’s K-12 education programs and materials. The folder contains the following publications appropriate for sixth- to 12th-grade teachers and their students:

Life in the Forest: Get to know Oregon’s wildlife
Find Your Path
Find Your Path Instruction Guide
A complete set of all fact sheets
K-12 Forest Education Opportunities
Into the Forest
Into the Forest: Teacher Guide
Oregon Forest Facts 2021-22 Edition
Oregon's Forests (Poster)
Oregon's Forests (Poster) Instruction Guide
The Oregon Forest Literacy Plan
Where's All The Carbon? (Poster)
Where's All The Carbon Instruction Guide
Forest Essays Grade 6
Forest Essays Grades 7-12
OFRI K-12 videos information sheet
Tree Carbon Tape
Tree Carbon Tape: Instruction Guide

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